About Evolution

  • Effectively maintain a fully automated distribution network
  • Cover and serve all sales points within Syria
  • Select high-quality products for distribution in various sectors
  • Ensure that every supplier's goals are met and exceeded
  • Create an environment where people's contributions are viewed as engines of growth

Customer Satisfaction:

We aim to do business with all our clients (suppliers, re-sellers, and consumers) in a consistent and transparent way. This entails maintaining a responsible attitude towards everyone we deal with. Everything we do is driven by the changing needs of the consumer. If they desire a certain product not available to them, we strive to satisfy this need by eagerly widening our current range of available products. We pride ourselves on our quality of service.



The needs and aspirations of Syrians consumers are definitely changing, however it is at their own pace. Our aim is to accelerate and widen these new consumer trends by making the market aware of new products being offered through dynamic marketing campaigns. We are continually developing valuable new ideas and approaches to this ever-changing market.


Evolution' vision is to provide the highest quality professional and efficient distribution service in Syria. By Combining the newest Sales and Marketing studies with depth knowledge of the legal and cultural environment and distribution channels, Evolution will maintain its position as the most efficiently organized and best equipped distribution company in its field with suppliers and customer satisfaction.